N64RGB (Tim Worthington)

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Tim Worthington's RGB mod. Efficient and inexpensive.

MAV-NUS or AVDC-NUS Adaptor (+5€)

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N64 do not produce RGB natively. This mod can be installed on any model of Nintendo 64. 

This PCB is a creation of the great Tim Worthington (known for his NESRGB). Borti has modified the firmware to add the "Deblur" function that allows to bypass the very unpleasant blur effect present on the N64.

The mod is sold with its ribbon cable. 

CAUTION: If your N64 is equipped with a MAV-NUS or AVDC-NUS chip, select the option above to equip yourself with the necessary adapter for installation.

Note on installation :

If you choose an installation, you will be asked to pay for the shipping cost of returning your console once the mod has been completed. If you choose this option, an email will be sent to you with the shipping details to send us your console.