64HD [Gamebox Systems] (HDMI port for Nintendo 64)
  • 64HD [Gamebox Systems] (HDMI port for Nintendo 64)
  • 64HD [Gamebox Systems] (HDMI port for Nintendo 64)

64HD [Gamebox Systems] (HDMI port for Nintendo 64)

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Give your 64 the HD treatment with this DIY HDMI upgrade kit from Gamebox systems, which includes everything you need to get digital out from your Nintendo 64 via a HDMI port, and with no cutting of the console shell!

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Included in the kit:

  • 64HD PCB
  • HDMI Daughterboard
  • Booster Bracket
  • Quick solder flex cable
  • No-cut A/V Shroud
  • Foam Adhesive Pad (for N64 motherboard revisions NUS-CPU-06 through NUS-CPU-09)


  • Compatible with all N64 models - PAL & NTSC
  • Supported Resolutions: 1080i60, 720p60, 480p60, 240p60
  • Scaling Modes: Integer 1:1, Full Screen non-Linear, Non-integer linear, Overscan
  • VI Deblur, Brightness Control, 3 Pixel Filter & 3 Scanline Modes, settings saving
  • Requires good soldering stills to install, with micro soldering required.


The 64HD HDMI digital out mod from Gamebox systems adds modern HDMI connectivity to your retro N64 console, plus a whole range of additional features to give you an enhanced gaming experience. The mod primarily helps you to attach your Nintendo 64 to a modern TV, but it does so in a way that provides the very best possible picture, tapping directly into the motherboard for a digital signal, rather than using the traditional analog AV out.

PLEASE NOTE: This mod is not compatible with the FRA N64 (sold in France only).


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