N64Digital (Install only)
  • N64Digital (Install only)

N64Digital (Install only)

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The new HDMI mod for your N64. Installation only.

NoCut Mod (+10€): No

Warning : I'm not selling the product. Just offering installation service If you choose this option, an email will be sent to you with the shipping details to send us your console.  

Note: If you take an UltraPIF (full region free mod) in addition to this mod, the 2nd installation is free.

Created by the team of PixelFX composed of the great Woozle, Cirus3000psi & Chriz2600, this is the new HDMI mod for Nintendo 64 everyone was hoping for.


- Digital lag-free HDMI output up to 1080p

- Analog RGB / YPbPr through multiout

- Simple firmware update procedure via WiFi

- Video Filters: Deblur / Scanlines / Smoothing

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