MiSTer FPGA Slim 128MB, 8GB Micro SD (by Antonio Villena)

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The legendary MiSTer Slim by the equally legendary Antonio Villena.

Scart Adapter

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The boards are alternative from the official ones. Compatible with horizontal and vertical (official) SDRAM modules. The IO board includes a R-2R DAC with VGA output, (and optional Scart adapter), jack audio output (analog and optical), jack audio input (for tape loading), secondary microSD slot, DB9 joystick, leds and push buttons.

The MiSTer is sold completely assembled, like in the pictures. More info here:

To play games with the DB9 port you need download cores from this unofficial repository:

Included on this package:

  • DE10 nano board (for HDMI output)
  • IO board (for VGA and Scart output)
  • 6mm heatsink
  • Acrylic case
  • Replacement screws and pillars
  • Adjustable fan cooler
  • USB hub with 7 ports
  • DB9 joystick port, protected for SNAC
  • AC power supply
  • microSD card, 8gb, with all installed
  • microSD extender
  • SPDIF optical through 3.5mm connector
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Internal speaker
  • Size: 123x111x32mm. Weight: 283gr